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Upper Shelves for Gondolas

Available in 24" wide, 36" wide, and 48" wide, in depths from 8" to 30 inches deep, and available in a 2 position or 3 position configuration, flat, 30 degrees up or down slope on the 3 position larger shelves and all shelves are available in a 15 degree up[ and down slope configuration.

Upper Shelves for Gondolas

Transitional Shelves

Madix Transitional Shelves

The Transition Upper Shelf is used with the Transition Base Shelf allowing different shelf sizes in a single run. Pricing is based on the largest depth dimension in the part number. Must be used with Transition Base Shelves and Kickplates.

The 1 1/4" tag molding is integrally formed into the front edge of shelf surface. The shelf may be displayed flat, 15 degree downtilt or 30 degree downtilt. Load capacity of 200 Lbs.

Madix Transitional Shelves and shelving create more room in floor configurations that have un even spaces.

Madix Radius Shelves

Madix Radius Shelf

The Extended Upper Shelf Radius Front offers the same innovative merchandising option for electrical or electronic items as the Standard Upper Shelf with Radius Front does for the non-electrical merchandise. The DGA2 tag accepts 1 1/4” price tags.

The extended bracket provides a 2” space for electrical cords to be passed behind the shelf. The shelf includes DGA2 tag molding to match the shelf. It can also be ordered as gold, silver anodized, or painted in a contrasting color.

Radius shelves and shelving might work well in situations like drawing more attention to slow moving products that need to be tested to see if they should be included in your existing product line.

Bin Merchandisers

Madix bin Merchandisers

The Tilted Bin Merchandiser is intended for organizing densely spaced, lightweight products. It offers a 4" high profile and has a 15 degree down-slope.

It can be used for small electrical parts, plastic pipe fittings, trial size items, nuts, bolts, screws, and other parts. Dividers are ordered separately.

Madix Gravity Feed Shelves

Madix Gravity Feed Shelves

Our Plastic Bottle Slides are an important component of the Wire Bottle Display Racks. Bottles slide to the foremost product position whenever a bottle is removed. The panels are removable from the shelf for easy cleanup.

The units are easily assembled on site by snapping the panels together with locking seams. Formed of beige plastic.

Designed for use with a Heavy Duty 10 degree Downslope Shelf and Gravity Feed Bottle Slide, sold separately, as a gravity feed bottled beverage display. Designed for use with a Heavy Duty 10 degree Downslope Shelf and Gravity Feed Bottle Slide, sold separately, as a gravity feed bottled beverage display.

Available for use with the 16 Ounce bottle size, 2 liter bottles and 3 liter bottles. Kits are available.
Kits priced below include 1 heavy duty shelf, 1 wire rack bottle display and 1 gravity feed bottle slide. Kits do not include the necessary wall on gondola shelving system.

Wire Upper Shelves for Gondolas

Wire Upper Shelves for Gondolas

Heavy gauge steel wire construction, powder coated for long life and extra wear constructed for Potato Chips in a Grocery Store, Candy, Bed Linen, and more.

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Upper Shelves for Gondolas